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Veggie Supreme Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food and I could eat it for every meal. There is no doubt in my mind that I could eat it every day three times a day for the rest of my life. Especially with the existence of such good dairy-free cheeses these days, and their availability in most super markets, it make my obsession with pizza guilt-free.

Even though i know it's not the healthiest meal in the world (wait, is it or is it not a vegetable??), it is gosh darn delicious and therefore I will eat it not every day every meal but once every two weeks or so. How's that for self control and compromise? I will savor and await the allotted pizza day once every fourteen days. See one such day here!

1 frozen pizza crust
1 cup pasta sauce
2 cups daiya mozzarella shreds
1/2 red bell pepper
A little bit of kale
Italian seasoning
Crushed red pepper

Defrost the frozen pizza dough for 6-8 hours. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Flour a clean surface and rolling pin. Roll out pizza dough …

Crabless Cakes with Chili Mayo

This crab cake recipe is one of my favorite vegan recipes to make because it really tastes like the real thing and is so easy to make. I've been working on this one for a while and have finally perfected it. I've even tried freezing the crab cake patties and reheating them, which is also delicious- and talk about convenient!

There's something about the combination of old bay seasoning and the shredded texture of crab cakes that is so distinct, summery, and delightful. Growing up in a seashore town made me really appreciate the taste and experience of seafood as a child. Now as an adult, I better understand the harmful effects of the fishing industries, so instead, I now get that feeling and taste from these plant-based babies! Try 'em out!

1 can chickpeas
1 can hearts of palm
1/4 cup vegannaise + 1/4 cup more
2 Tbsp Old Bay seasoning
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 cup bread crumbs + 1/4 cup more
fresh lemon juice
vegetable oil
Asian chili s…

Zucchini Fries

Zucchini = summer to me. My parents' garden would yield so many zucchinis every year, and sometimes they would be the size of my thigh. We had zucchini in and with everything for most summers of my life. I love the delicious watery fleshy flavor of a freshly picked one. Squash is so versatile, as seen in my zucchini fritters recipe from a few months ago and the stuffed zucchini I made recently. I've seen people make cakes, breads, soups, stirfrys, muffins, zoodles, pancakes, and now fries ...all out of zucchini!

These fries are a fun alternative to french fries and are pretty easy to make. The most important ingredient is patience, which I don't have. Hubby says my name should be an impatient vegan! I am notorious for not letting things cook long enough.. usually because I'm starving!! So just make sure you let them crisp up enough before taking them out of the oven. If you do that, these zucchini fries will be *golden*.

2 zucchini
1/2 cup italian breadcrum…

Kale Lentil Bowl

Bowls are so trendy these days, aren't they? They're on most healthy or vegetarian restaurant menus, they're all over Instagram, they're in every vegan cookbook I own. But what is a bowl other than a normal meal packaged in a pretty way? You got your quinoa or grain base, you got your bean or lentil protein, and you got your leafy green and vegetable sides. It's a regular ol' dinner plate separated into pretty colorful sections.

Do you think that good presentation makes a meal taste better? I wonder if more thoughtful plating can make a difference in our perceptions of food. Most of the time I'd say no, it doesn't, but the case of the bowl is an interesting one. This dish that didn't exist in any formal way ten years ago has taken over the internet world of food, and I admit that it must have something to do with it's beauty!

It is a beautiful meal, I cannot deny it. And tasty too. I don't mean to hate on the bowl. I'm totally here for i…

Broccoli Salad

I'm adding this recipe to my list of favorite summer salads because this broccoli salad is amazing. You refrigerate it for at least an hour to make sure the dressing works its magic and infuses the sweet, sour, and salty flavors into the raw broccoli florets. And because it is served cold, it is so refreshing and crisp on a hot summer day. The broccoli gets softened by the dressing but still stays a bit firm for a little bit of crunch. This salad was always my mom's contribution to church potluck luncheons. I can remember it sitting in the fridge a day ahead of time; my anticipation would rise every time I opened the fridge door and saw it there, marinating, waiting to be enjoyed by our friends and family the next afternoon.

Tonight I was waiting for a friend to call for a catch up, so this was the perfect thing to make for dinner. I whipped it up, popped it in the fridge while I was on the phone, and then dished it up and enjoyed after we hung up. It also is a yummy lunch op…

Teriyaki Veggie Tacos

I'm pretty proud of myself for this one. A change in our schedules meant that we would both be home for dinner unexpectedly, and with a fridge full of produce and a packed vacation schedule coming up, it meant we needed to take this opportunity to clear out that refrigerator! I decided to use up the tortillas that had been in the back of the fridge for probably too long and the portobellos that I've been meaning to use for the past nearly two weeks. There was also some browning cauliflower and a bag of wilted spinach to get through. A few ingredients later, and I had come up with a plan.
These are basically veggie tacos with teriyaki sauce drizzled on them to serve. (I guess we can't really call them tacos because the only resemblance they have to Mexican tacos is the tortilla, but it sure does make them more fun to eat!) The flavors totally work, and it was a nice and different surprise meal that was done in 20 minutes or less. Score!

3 portobello caps
flour t…

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash is an amazing vegetable. It's nature's way of telling us to play with our food and to eat less processed grains. The first time I made it, I couldn't believe how fun it was! It feels like magic - I didn't believe it was true until I saw it for myself.
In addition to being magical, spaghetti squash is also super easy to make. Just 30 minutes in a steam bath in the oven, and then scraped out into spaghetti-like strips and topped with delicious sauce. Couldn't be easier! Not to mention, this meal is a healthy alternative to actual pasta, with almost the entire ingredients list being fresh vegetables. After a day of fries and popcorn and other good but not-so-good-for-you treats, this dinner was a light and fresh delight.

1 spaghetti squash, halved
1/2 red pepper
4 baby bella mushrooms
1/2 yellow onion
2 garlic cloves
1 jar pasta sauce
3 handfuls spinach
olive oil, s&p
crushed red pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Halve t…

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Sauteed Kale

I am loving meals full of veggies in this brutal heat. Who feels like turning on the oven when it is 95 degrees in New York City? Especially when you don't have air conditioning and your kitchen is like a sauna? This heat wave has got me craving watery vegetables and cold salads.

For dinner tonight we had a cold tomato cucumber salad and some sauteed kale and mushrooms, with a grilled veggie dog to amp up the summer vibes even more. It was an easy, 10-minutes start to finish dinner that doesn't take many ingredients beyond your weekly trip to the farmers market. Mix and match these sides with your other favorite summer foods.

1 bunch kale
5 baby bella mushrooms
1/2 yellow onion
3 garlic cloves
olive oil, S&P, lemon juice
5-6 plum tomatoes
2 cucumbers
2 Tbsp sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp vinegar
veggie hot dogs and buns optional

Chop the tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, and onion into bite sized pieces. Dice garlic cloves. Strip kale leaves from stems and roughly …

Ooey Gooey Brownies

I think brownies might be my favorite dessert. I have always preferred chocolate-y over fruity flavors, and a brownie is the perfect somewhere between cookie and cake - moist and gooey, yet substantial and more celebratory than a regular-ol' cookie.

Whether it is a work party, book club, or a weekend visit with family (my three main social activities, let's be real), I always feel compelled to bring something for the group. I've been trained by years of my mom and aunts never showing up to a party empty-handed. The offering of something homemade and delicious is one of the most meaningful presentations of love and gratitude, in my humble opinion. It shows forethought, effort, consideration, and can be a good ice breaker. Everybody likes the person who brought the brownies!
So it should be no surprise that for my weekend getaway with my book club group, I offered to bring vegan brownies for our Friday night dessert. This recipe that I made is adapted from the cookbook Fuss…

Balsamic Asparagus and Polenta

Polenta is one of those things that I always really like when I order it at restaurants, but can never get it quite right when I try it at home. Except this time.
I am so happy with how this turned out, especially topped with asparagus and a balsamic reduction. The key to a yummy, creamy polenta is to not buy the instant kind, to salt the water, to stir constantly, and to add lots of butter.
The salty and buttery polenta is perfectly complemented by the sweet and thick balsamic reduction and the crunchy roasted asparagus. We also added some crusty olive bread that was left over to round out this Mediterranean feast. 

1 cup dry polenta
3 cups water
1/4 teaspoon salt + more for serving
fresh cracked pepper
2 Tbsp Earth Balance butter
1 bundle asparagus
olive oil
1/4 balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut off the bottom 2 inches of the asparagus stalks. Place stalks on a cookie sheet, toss in olive oil and salt and pepper, and roast in the oven for abou…