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Rice Noodles with Bok Choy

I’m a big noodle fan. Udon, soba, ramen, rice… I don’t discriminate! There is something comforting in the slurping action, and yet, it’s like a friendly challenge to get the slippery noodles in your mouth. I like a food that makes you work for it a little bit – it builds anticipation and adds a playfulness to dinnertime! These rice noodles take less than five minutes to cook, are gluten free, are easily available in the grocery store, and are a great way to break up your normal weekly dinner rotation.

I find that I often get into ruts when it comes to the vegetables I buy at the grocery store, and I forget about all of the unique and delicious produce options that this beautiful Earth provides for us. This week, I decided to make baby bok choy with my rice noodles because I really enjoy it and don’t often eat it. You can use whatever vegetable you’d like with this easy noodle + tofu base, but I recommend trying the bok choy because the texture and flavor really complement the other t…

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