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French Onion Soup in Bread Bowls

It's definitely cozy soup weather, and what's cozier than a BREAD BOWL?? Sorry to all of the gluten free folks out there but hot dang do I love bread. It's like the most comforting food that ever existed, especially when it's filled with hot, sweet french onion soup and topped with melted (dairy-free) cheese?

I've never made french onion soup before but this year is all about trying new things. I read many articles about caramelizing onions and what color they should be and how long it should take, and then I set to work! I'm quite proud of how it came out. Full disclosure, because after all I am the imperfect vegan, hubby chose to top his soup bowl with real cheese, not vegan cheese. I topped mine with Daiya vegan shreds and they melted beautifully (see the picture above!). 

Don't feel like you have to go to a restaurant to get this delicious treat any longer. It is very easy to make at home, and trust me - the bread bowl adds a whole new dimension to thi…

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